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15 Times Iron Man Went Way Too Far

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Tony Stark: Marvel's bastion of charm, wit, and intelligence. Also? Kind of a jerk sometimes. So much so that it's not tough to come up with examples of times when Iron Man's influence and personality left him looking like a bit of a jerk.  

It has always been a trait of Iron Man that he is of extreme intelligence and his playboy-persona is just as potent. However, this has often put him at odds with the other heroes in the Marvel U. Just look at some of his most famous story lines: Superior Iron Man, Civil War, and Armor Wars. Not only are these some of the most popular Iron Man stories, but also opportunities for Tony to be truly unpleasant. This list gathers examples of when all those sarcastic one liners just left him with fewer allies and a whole lot of mistakes.

So plug in your arc reactor and mind your manners! There is a lot to learn from Tony Stark: science, business, charm. However, there is just as much to learn from his mistakes! Don't forget to tip and remember Pepper's birthday!