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12 Times Johnny Bravo Was an Absolutely Inappropriate Bro

Upon reflection, Johnny Bravo is just a buff dude who spends all of his time hitting on women and being the equivalent of a catcall in cartoon character form. So, it only makes sense that the jokes on Johnny Bravo are often dirty and geared towards the adults that might be watching along with their kids.

Cartoon characters are often simple, but Johnny Bravo is willfully and delightfully two-dimensional. If he were a real person, however, he'd be horrifying. Let’s take a look at the times Mr. Bravo was totally fit the cliché of the inappropriate bro, obsessed with himself and with sex above all else.
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    Bravo Asks a Teenager What She’s Wearing

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    In need of a job, Johnny briefly works at Troubled Teen Hotline. When Bravo answers a phone, he says, “Hello, teen hotline. You’re boyfriend left you? Why? What are you wearing?” He's instantly swarmed by higher-ups who toss him out of the building.
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    Johnny Tells a Child to Call Him When She’s of Legal Age

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    In “Johnny Meets Farrah Fawcett,” Little Suzy calls Johnny and invites him to her birthday party. He declines, saying “I’m busy. Call me back in 15 years when you’re a coed.” He does wind up going to the party, but only when he finds out her cousin, who happens to be Farrah Fawcett, is attending.
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    Johnny Hits on Daphne, Then She and Fred Go Hook Up

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    Even when the Scooby Doo crew are trying to solve a mystery in a crossover episode, Bravo can't turn off his libido. He offers Daphne a “Scooby snack.” She declines by stomping on his foot, then splits the group up to go check upstairs and in the basement. Fred, however, suggests that he and Daphne go to the basement, and based on his eyes and the music you can tell they’re not going down there to investigate, they’re going to get frisky.
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    Johnny Uses Precious Time to Look at Scantily Clad Women

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    Johnny is told that he has a mere six seconds of consciousness left, and it’s recommended that he use them wisely. Bravo pulls out a magazine that contains photos of women, because of course he does.