The 18 Most Random Character Changes in Marvel Comics

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In plenty of instances, Marvel has altered a comic book character while ignoring the foundations of the character itself. This list features the times that Marvel has taken liberties with fan-favorite comic book characters, changing them for the worse, and for no good reason. What are the worst, most unnecessary character changes in Marvel comics history?

We're not talking about deaths, or alternate universes (including the Ultimate Universe), or silly temporary transformations (Cap-Wolf, Man-Spider, Spider-Hulk, Six-Armed Spider, etc.). These are the changes that lasted more than an issue and that were meant to (at least for a while) change the status quo of the character.

It's important to mix it up with characters, to change them, and to keep them fresh, but you must remember to stay true to their core when doing so, like what they stand for and what about their character makes them so beloved. 

Below are the times a Marvel character changes... for no good reason at all.