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15 Times 'Genius' MCU Villains Were Outsmarted

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The smartest MCU villains are often outsmarted in the most mundane of ways. As it turns out, when a villain spends all their time dreaming of grand schemes of intergalactic domination, they can forget about the little things in life. And, then, heroes can exploit those little things to utterly destroy the villains and end their reigns of terror. (Luckily for these villains, just because they have been utterly destroyed doesn't mean they can't return to the land of the living.) 

Not even the most intelligent MCU villain dreaming of the most evil MCU plans can stand a chance against these clever heroes. Whether it is a sleight-of-hand technique that brings down the great Titan or a movie reference that ruins the day of an alien conqueror, it apparently doesn't take too much thinking to take down these genius villains. 

  • Photo: Doctor Strange / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Dormammu is the supremely powerful ruler of the dark dimension. Yet, In Doctor Strange, Dormammu is defeated by a magic-wielder who had been studying for hardly a year. 

    Strange outsmarts Dormammu by trapping the powerful being in a time loop. Every time Dormammu slays Strange, time is reset. Dormammu eventually has no choice but to agree with Strange's demands to leave Earth. His powers are nothing compared to Doctor Strange's very annoying, yet clever, use of the Time Stone. 

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    Tony Stark Tricked His Captors Into Helping Him Build The Original Iron Man Suit

    Photo: Iron Man / Paramount Pictures

    Tony Stark begins his journey into becoming Iron Man after getting captured by a group of terrorists known as the Ten Rings. In exchange for Stark's freedom, the leader of the Ten Rings orders Stark to build a Jericho missile for the terrorists. 

    Instead, Stark works for days building the original Iron Man suit behind his captors' backs. Up until the point Stark blasts his way out of the cave he's trapped in, the Ten Rings members are none the wiser. 

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  • Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    Scarlet Witch is the most naturally powerful witch in the MCU, but she's not the most knowledgeable. That position (at least with what audiences have been shown) goes to Agatha Harkness. Throughout the events depicted in WandaVision, Agatha manages to get close to Scarlet Witch in an attempt to manipulate the troubled woman and take her powers. However, as intelligent and knowledgeable as she is, Agatha slips up by giving Scarlet Witch a front-row seat to some of her spells. 

    As Agatha shows Scarlet Witch, when one witch casts her runes in a room, the other witch can't use any spells. Scarlet Witch later uses this same concept on a much greater scale by casting runes on the walls of her massive dome surrounding Westview. Thus, in what should be Agatha's moment of triumph, she is instead swiped of her magical abilities. 

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  • Photo: Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    Alexander Goodwin Pierce is, on the outside, an intelligent member of S.H.I.E.L.D. who sits on the World Security Council. In reality, Pierce secretly works for the sinister Hydra and is plotting to help the organization take over the world. 

    Just as Pierce managed to put on a false face and join organizations he secretly wants to burn down, Black Widow manages to sneak her way into a World Security Meeting through the use of a Photostatic Veil. This veil gives her the appearance of one of the security members and allows her to get close enough to Pierce to strike out in time to stop him from executing the Security Council members. 

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