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All The Times Michael Scott Was Bleeped Out On 'The Office'

Updated 17 May 2019 3.6k views9 items

When reflecting back on some of the more memorable scenes from The Office, chances are they include Michael Scott. As one of the most pivotal, plot-driving characters, Michael Scott (also known as Detective Michael Scarn) is single-handedly responsible for many of the most uncomfortable, hilarious, and - at times - heartwarming moments from the show's nine seasons. Though the last two seasons of the show had to press on without the comedic force that is Steve Carell, fans of The Office will likely agree that Michael Scott left his mark on the Dunder Mifflin-Scranton community, one Dundie at a time.

Perhaps some of the funniest moments, though, are those when Michael Scott unexpectedly blurts out some obscenity to the shock of the office staff (and those of us snooping on them through our screens). We've gathered together every time that Michael Scott got caught up in the moment and required some additional censoring as a result.

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