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Every Time Someone Had A Chance To Kill Negan On The Walking Dead But Didn’t, Ranked

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Ever since the evil and twisted Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) debuted on The Walking Dead in 2016, he has been marked for death. Why has nobody killed Negan? Many have tried, actually - some have had better chances than others - but all have failed. So who will kill Negan in the end and when? After all, he deserves it for giving Glenn and Abraham two of the most gruesome deaths in the show's history.

No matter what happens, whether its Rick (Andrew Lincoln) who pulls the trigger or another character, Negan's death is sure to be gruesome. Most fans can't wait until actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets his death dinner - the final dinner each killed off character gets with the cast.

There are already plenty of times Negan should have died on The Walking Dead. Here are the many assassination attempts ranked from most obvious opportunities to ones that didn't quite stand a chance.

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    Rick Could Have Shot Negan

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    Like the season premiere before it, The Walking Dead Season 8 premiere brought with it a whole mess of criticism from fans and skeptics alike. There was one plot logic issue in particular that stumped viewers: Why didn't Rick (Andrew Lincoln) simply shoot Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) during the standoff at the Sanctuary when he had the chance? 

    The first few minutes of the episode show Rick giving a speech to his army about how killing one man (Negan) will end the war before it really gets started. Yet, when Rick has all guns pointed on the Savior leader and begins his countdown, he doesn't just go for a clean shot at Negan. Instead, Rick and his army shoot at pretty much everything other than Negan and his lieutenants, filling the Sanctuary with bullet holes but not accomplishing much else. 

    So far, this seems like the best opportunity to get rid of Negan, considering that Rick will probably be the guy to do it when the time finally comes. 

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    Negan Was Almost Mauled By Shiva

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    Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would have met a most satisfying end in the Season 7 finale had Shiva decided to pounce on the villain instead of one of his minions during the climactic action scene. Just as Negan is about to execute Carl (Chandler Riggs) in front of Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Shiva interrupts the party and saves the day for the young Grimes. But instead of attacking a henchman, Shiva should have mauled Negan to death. She almost did later in the fight when Negan hides behind a car, but he moves just in time and yet another henchman is eaten alive instead.

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    Rosita Almost Shot Negan

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    The fact that Rosita (Christian Serratos) literally missed her shot to kill Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) back in the Season 7 mid-season finale is pretty bizarre. After all, the show teased the assassination attempt for much of the first half of the season. Viewers follow Rosita's plan from its inception. She convinces Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to make her a bullet - since the Saviors had taken all of Alexandria's weapons - and even finds a gun on an undead corpse. But when it comes time to take the shot, Rosita's bullet strays and instead hits Lucille. 

    It's really not a shocker that Rosita wasn't the one to kill Negan, especially that early in the game. But the manner in which she misses her chance does seem a bit too convenient. 

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    Carl Had A Chance To Shoot Negan

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    Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Carl (Chandler Riggs) sneaks into the Sanctuary on a Savior supply truck in order to assassinate Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) once and for all. Armed with a rifle, Carl reveals himself once he's inside the enemy base and takes down a Savior. He demands to see Negan in order kill him in retribution for the death of his friends. But before Carl can get his shot off, he is overpowered by Dwight (Austin Amelio) and disarmed. 

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