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Times People Knew They Absolutely Had To End A Friendship

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Whether we like it or not, it's common for friendships to end. Sometimes they fade naturally - somebody moves away, or lives get busy and it's hard to make time. But other times, they end because they have to - terminating a toxic friendship can be difficult but necessary, especially if the person continues to do worse and worse things to you or treats the relationship as a one-way street. Calling quits on a friendship can be the best thing for a person if they're feeling mentally worn down.

People with former bad-buddy issues took to Reddit to talk about the tipping point that made them decide to break off the friendship.

  • They Were Too Far Ahead Or Behind In Life

    From Redditor /u/Ridry:

    When you are multiple life steps ahead of (or behind) your friends (graduating, moving out, getting married, having kids, buying property, etc.), it is usually a really bad sign for these kinds of friendships.

  • They Were The Culprit Of Vanishing Items

    From Redditor /u/ZapHorrigan:

    [The friendship ended] when my stuff started disappearing around them, especially the iPod I had forgotten in their car's center console. After I cut contact, my stuff magically stopped vanishing...

  • They Refused To Leave A Toxic Relationship

    From Redditor /u/Weeeeallthewayhome:

    She started dating some random guy from a car mechanic shop. He had three kids - one was in jail, the other had a baby, youngest kid was normal. None of the kids were over 16. Plus, [she had] her own three kids from other dudes. Come to find out the guy she was seeing was on work release from prison. He could leave prison for eight hours a day to work, then come back after his shift was over. He seemed nice enough. I was willing to overlook his mistake (drugs) that sent him to jail because I wanted to support my friend in her new relationship. They ended up getting married.

    But his [using] continued when he was released from prison; they would break up, then get back together often. They would fight and call each other terrible names, and he threatened to kill her several times if she left. He finally got sent back to jail for fraud and meth. Meanwhile, my friend cared for all his children and grandchildren while he was in jail again.

    She finally said she was leaving him and filing for divorce. Yay! But I warned her that if she went back to him, I would no longer stay around, as I was pregnant and didn't want to bring my child up around people like that. My husband also did not approve of their sh*tty lives. She said she would never be with him again, so our friendship continued. Come to find out she had been secretly seeing him while in jail and ever since he got out. Her husband ended up asking to borrow several thousand dollars from me and my husband. Of course we said no. He tried to hide his disappointment. She dropped off all our mutual friends' radars and mine after a few months. I finally wrote her off, and deleted her cell number and email info.

    Sometimes you just gotta let go. I love my life and family, and will never let anyone else's bad choices contaminate them. We had a good friendship that was full of great memories and I will always cherish those times, but I've worked hard for my stable and awesome life.

    Even though I lent her money that she never paid back, helped her move, put up with [her] and her husband's bad choices, and listened to her long rants about how much he sucked and how she was gonna leave... she couldn't even call me to tell me congratulations when my baby was born. It hurt. I had always been there for her, but when it came time for when I needed a little emotional support, she was nowhere to be found...

    I wish her well, but I just can't be involved with people like that.

  • They Were Bad Roommates

    From Redditor /u/morrigan1:

    After moving in with them... horrible mistake.