People Admit Times They Made Their Teacher Cry  

Samantha Dillinger
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Stoicism is an unsung teacher trait. Dealing with lean budgets, restrictive testing requirements, and perhaps worst of all, unmotivated, mean, or disturbed kids, is enough to make even the toughest teacher dissolve into a puddle of angry, frustrated tears. Still, teachers carry on, keeping their cool and a patient smile even in the midst of hardship. Molding future minds and hearts is also a rewarding, fulfilling, and joyful profession. Teachers shed tears of joy, too. But every once in a while, one kid - or an entire class - pushes a teacher over the edge.   

On Reddit, current and former students shared (confessed) stories of times they made their teachers cry, either on their own or as part of a posse of mean boys and girls. They also talked about times they led teachers to weep, or at least get a little glassy-eyed, in a positive way.

Heed this cry, teachers: Hooray for all you do (and put up with)!

They Ripped The Head Off A Mannequin During CPR Training

From Redditor /u/[Toxic]Twinkie:

In seventh grade we had a class where we learned about "family and consumer sciences," or FACS as we called it. So we had to demonstrate how to do CPR on a mannequin in front of the class.

I hadn't been paying any attention up until this point, so I kinda just winged it. Through some weird turn of events, I ended up ripping its head off and throwing it across the room. So the teacher told us we can teach ourselves and walked out into the hallway to cry.

They Gave A Mug To The Teacher No One Else Liked

From Redditor /u/Wisna:

Before I left elementary school, I gave my fifth grade teacher a gift. It was a mug saying "Number 1 Teacher" or something cheesy; I can't remember. All the other kids thought he was lame and a loser, but I found him to be very funny and interesting.

I remember seeing him tear up and give me a hug. I guess teachers really are underappreciated.

They Gave The Teacher A Stapler Encased In Jell-O Because They Both Loved 'The Office'

From Redditor /u/cbosch12:

Back in high school I had a first-year teacher who was awesome. We both liked The Office and would talk about the new episodes the day after they aired.

One day I decided to put a stapler (my own) in some Jell-O and give it to her. She broke down crying because she had just found out the district was going to cut her because she was the newest teacher and they needed to cut people. She was so happy with the Jell-O that it made her day.

They Tricked Her With A Watch That Could Control The Class TV

From Redditor /u/mike6452:

I had a watch that could turn on the TV in the room, change the channel, or mute it. I kept doing it, so she called the tech people at the school. They brought her out in the hallway and told her how much of an idiot she was for not thinking it was a student...

She came back in crying. I felt so bad I walked up in front of the entire class and apologized. She was such a sweetheart, too...