27 Awkward Times When People Shared Too Much Information

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With social media we're living in the world of constant over-sharing. But there are times when the over-sharing happens at the most awkward time. The subreddit r/nobodyasked collects the best of these cringe-inducing moments for us all to enjoy, whether we asked or not. 

  • 1. Wow

    Photo: u/martpogboi / Reddit
    720 votes
  • 2. This One Is A Journey

    This One Is A Journey
    Photo: u/jswelch01 / Reddit
    641 votes
  • 3. No Time For Frivolity

    No Time For Frivolity
    Photo: u/moobied / Reddit
    690 votes
  • 4. Food Is Not Pleasure

    Food Is Not Pleasure
    Photo: u/timeforthepercolat0r / Reddit
    753 votes
  • 5. Shut Up About These Cookies

    Shut Up About These Cookies
    Photo: u/AngryManRichard / Reddit
    952 votes
  • 6. But Is She Vegan?

    But Is She Vegan?
    Photo: u/zNightmare69 / Reddit
    708 votes