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16 Times Regular Show Spoke to Your Post Collegiate Malaise

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Regular Show is a cartoon about a blue jay and a raccoon working at a park with a bunch of other weirdos. And somehow, it's one of the most realistic TV shows out there. Not only is the show a blast to watch, but it also manages to perfectly capture the often aimless feeling of being fresh out of college, fresh out of money, and fresh out of prospects.

Is Regular Show too real? Yes, when you get past the giant heads, all-night dance parties, and baby ducks. When you begin to break the series down, the Regular Show post-college parallels are astounding. The characters have terrible jobs and awkward relationships, and frequently blow off responsibilities to just play video games and goof off.

If you watch the series, then you know that on Regular Show real life gets in the way more often than not, and that’s unfortunately how things play out in the non-animated world as well. Thankfully you’ve got Mordecai and Rigby to commiserate with while you throw back a six pack of soda. It's easy to miss these characters, so make sure to watch more shows like The Regular Show. Read through this list, and vote up all of the ways that Regular Show accurately depicts post-college life.

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