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Times Protocol Was Broken During Royal Funerals

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Royal traditions and protocol govern virtually every aspect of royal life - even funeral traditions. Royals are subject to rules that range from barring them from attending certain funerals to shaping how royal funerals can be planned.

But even though strict rules dictate what members of the royal family can and can't do, many have broken royal protocol for funerals. In these instances, personal feelings, national honor, and family duty have trumped tradition. For example, while protocol dictates that Queen Elizabeth II should only attend family or royal funerals, she's broken that rule privately and publicly to pay her respects to employees and politicians alike. Other royals, such as Queen Victoria and the Queen Mother, have thrown tradition out the window to ensure that their service or burial plans happen just as they intended, regardless of what the rules say.

The times that royals have ignored or rejected protocol for funerals show that some rules just need to be broken.