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12 Times Superman Went Completely Insane And Brutally Killed People

Bird, plane, Superman, Clark Kent, the Man of Steel, Kal-El, whatever people choose to call him Superman has always been known as a boy scout - hell, some even call him the Big Blue Boy Scout. His character believes in doing the right thing and stands for all things righteous. Maybe that's why so many comic and movie fans dislike him? But Superman has a darker side that not every fan knows about.

In the Golden Age of comics, Superman killed his enemies with little regard. He meant business and many bad guys fell to the Caped Crusader. Comic writers were following an unwritten code by the Silver Age, and Superman quickly became the hero we all know today.

After the mid-80s, comics had opened up to more creativity again, which meant Superman would have a few dark moments in the modern era, too. He’s done things that readers referencing his good guy attitude would’ve never thought him capable of. Here are some of Superman’s bloodiest, most brutal, most insane moments where he completely lost his mind.