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10 Times The Supernatural Saved Lives And Served Up Justice  

Inigo Gonzalez
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When the topic of ghosts arises, it typically involves poltergeists behaving creepily or maliciously toward the people and locations they happen to haunt. Yet these preconceptions about ghosts overlook the notable times spirits have reportedly helped people in dire situations. Though deadly ghost encounters may sometimes occur, there are plenty of stories that involve supernatural entities saving the day. People who claim that ghosts saved them have relayed encounters with friendly specters that managed to rescue them or a loved one.

There are historical and modern accounts of times when spirits were saviors, meaning that those from beyond might have influenced human history more than anyone ever considered. Maybe Casper is only one of the many friendly ghosts in the world.

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A Woman Says Her Friend’s Dead... is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 10 Times The Supernatural Saved Lives And Served Up Justice
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A Woman Says Her Friend’s Dead Sister Saved Her

In 2007, a young woman staying with a friend experienced her first paranormal activity. The friend she stayed with had a shrine dedicated to his late sister, to whom he performed a sort of daily ritual in her honor: a shot of tequila and turning on the stereo to play a song she loved. The woman says her friend assured her that as long as she stayed under this roof, his sister would protect her.

One day while home alone, the woman alleged that her abusive former partner broke into the house and tried to attack her. He threatened her with a knife, but the shrine suddenly came to life. It shook violently, and candles were blown out; a crucifix flung itself at her attacker. After the stereo on the memorial turned on by itself, he fled.

She purportedly never heard from him again.

A Man's Late Wife Supposedly H... is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list 10 Times The Supernatural Saved Lives And Served Up Justice
Photo:  Northern NY Library Network/NYS Historic Papers/Public Domain
A Man's Late Wife Supposedly Helped Him Avoid A Dangerous Trap

In the early 1900s, a New Jersey farmer by the name of Charles Henry Durand barely escaped with his life, thanks to the warnings he supposedly got from his late wife. According to his story, as he rode home in a buggy, the horse pulling it suddenly stopped. Within moments, a ghostly woman in white appeared, which Durand recognized as his late wife. Both he and his horse remained frozen in fear as she whispered to him, "There is danger at home. Stay away 'til morning."

As frightened as his horse, Durand was forced to spend hours unhitching the animal from the buggy so he could get home. By the time he arrived, it was already daylight, and Durand noticed a number of things amiss in his home: a window was open and muddy footprints covered the floor.

Durand also noticed a string stretched across his bedroom doorway; he set it off using his umbrella. It triggered a gun attached to the string, creating a booby trap to shoot anyone who entered the door. Without the warning from his wife, Durand would have been struck by the trap.

A Christmas Ghost Reportedly H... is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list 10 Times The Supernatural Saved Lives And Served Up Justice
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A Christmas Ghost Reportedly Helped A Mother Save Her Son

On Christmas Eve 2016, Shropshire resident Jane Reynolds sensed something strange afoot in her home, but she dismissed it before heading to bed. On Christmas Day at 4 am, she claims an unknown force ripped her duvet off her bed and began shaking her. Before she could process this wakeup call, Reynolds heard banging and screaming from somewhere in her house.

Afraid that her sons might be in danger, she ran to check on them. In their room, Reynolds saw one child, Ethan, sleeping silently, while her other child, 18-month-old George, was softly choking. She quickly turned him over and patted him on the back to clear his airway. Later, she realized that something or someone must have warned her - since Ethan was sleeping and George's airway was blocked, whom did she hear screaming?

Her friends told her that 50 years prior, a family moved out of the home shortly after their baby perished. Reynolds believes the baby who passed had warned her about George.

Her Husband's Ghost Allegedly ... is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 10 Times The Supernatural Saved Lives And Served Up Justice
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Her Husband's Ghost Allegedly Brought A Woman Back To Life

Northumberland resident Sonia Burton suffered a severe heart attack in January 2016. Arriving to work early that day, Burton began experiencing chest pains before she collapsed. Paramedics arrived on the scene quickly, but they failed to resuscitate her immediately.

They transported her to the hospital, and the trip took a grueling 56 minutes, during which Burton was technically gone.

While the paramedics scrambled to save her life, Burton says her late husband visited her. According to Burton, her husband said, "It's not your time, Sonia, go back to the children." Then she came back to life. The paramedics who rescued her were astounded - they said no one they ever saved remained departed for as long as Burton.