31 Times Taylor Swift Was The Best

Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest sensations in music. Her albums have gone platinum numerous times over, and she has won Grammys, Country Music Awards, and her fourth album, Red, released in 2012, sold 1.2 million copies. But what really sets Swift apart from other musicians is her involvement with her fan base. She frequently shares advice with her fans, even connecting with them on Tumblr.

Born on a Christmas Tree farm in Pennsylvania (for reals, check her website) and with homes in places from Los Angeles to Rhode Island, she is regularly being just the absolute greatest all across the country. What has Taylor Swift done to surprise her fans? Well, she's attended bridal showers, invited them to dance in her music videos, and hosted them in her home and served freshly baked cookies.

Clearly, Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities who loves to give back to the fans who make her such a star. When Taylor Swift surprises fans, there are sure to be gifts and memorable moments. Read through the list below of true stories about Taylor Swift being the best.

  • She Thanked An NYC Nurse With A Personal Letter

    On May 3, 2020, Whitney Hilton shared a very special package she received in the mail from none other than Taylor Swift. Hilton is a nurse working in New York City, which is ground zero for the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Swift sent her a box of merchandise and a personal letter thanking her for being an essential worker.

    As shared by Hilton, the letter reads:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I wanted to send you some presents and to let you know I am so grateful for you.... I can’t thank you enough for risking your life to help people and for spreading the message loudly that people need to hear, about taking this seriously. [...]

    Also, I saw the photo of you from my show! Thank you for coming!! I would love to give you a hug next time and thank you in person. With love and admiration, Taylor.

    Hilton tweeted that receiving the letter from Taylor was "quite literally the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE."

  • She Made Responsible And Generous Decisions During The Coronavirus Pandemic

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, when many Americans were under financial duress due to social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, Taylor Swift sent personal stimulus checks to fans and organizations to help them weather the storm. 

    In a personal note to a fan, Swift wrote:

    Erin, I saw your tweets about the financial and emotional stress you're under right now and it made me want so badly to help. I'm so sorry about your job and the uncertainty of what's going on right now. I hope this gift of $3,000 will help. I loved meeting you in New York and I hope you're safe and healthy! Your pal, Taylor.

    Rolling Stone also reported that Swift donated enough money to Grimey's New and Preloved Music, a record store in Nashville, TN, to pay three months' worth of healthcare costs for its employees.

    In addition to sending checks to multiple fans, Swift also took the responsible step of canceling all her live performances and appearances for 2020. In an April 17 tweet, Swift said she was sad to make the decision, but that it was the right thing to do to ensure the health and safety of her fans.


  • She Donated $15,000 To A Fan's GoFundMe For Her Mother

    After a fan tweeted a link to a GoFundMe page for her mother in early October 2018, explaining her condition and the hardships that have come with it, Taylor Swift donated $15,500 with a note that read, "Love, Taylor, Meredith and Olivia Swift."

  • She Donated $250,000 To Help Kesha

    In February 2016, Kesha lost a court battle to get Sony to release her from her recording contract with producer Dr. Luke. Kesha claimed that Dr. Luke was sexually abusive, and that he had drugged and raped her after her 18th birthday. Despite her claims, the court denied her request, meaning the singer would be forced to carry out her contract with Dr. Luke and Sony, despite their history. Until then, Kesha would be unable to record with any other studio.

    Because she refused to record with Dr. Luke, Kesha could not make new music or earn a living in the industry. To help her fellow singer, Taylor decided to donate to her cause. “In a show of support, Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time,” Swift's spokesperson said.