31 Times Taylor Swift Was The Best

Taylor Swift has become one of the biggest sensations in music. Her albums have gone platinum numerous times over, and she has won Grammys, Country Music Awards, and her fourth album, Red, released in 2012, sold 1.2 million copies. But what really sets Swift apart from other musicians is her involvement with her fan base. She frequently shares advice with her fans, even connecting with them on Tumblr.

Born on a Christmas Tree farm in Pennsylvania (for reals, check her website) and with homes in places from Los Angeles to Rhode Island, she is regularly being just the absolute greatest all across the country. What has Taylor Swift done to surprise her fans? Well, she's attended bridal showers, invited them to dance in her music videos, and hosted them in her home and served freshly baked cookies.

Clearly, Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities who loves to give back to the fans who make her such a star. When Taylor Swift surprises fans, there are sure to be gifts and memorable moments. Read through the list below of true stories about Taylor Swift being the best.