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14 Times The Joker Actually Did Good Things

Updated June 18, 2019 49.6k views14 items

While Batman stands for order and good in the world, the Joker is an agent of chaos. But there have been times when the Joker was good.

Yes, he frantically sows as much terror as possible as he attempts to prove that everyone is a monster on the inside. Where Batman demonstrates what people can be at their very best, the Joker is the exact opposite. He shows us what people can be when they lose their morality and instead act entirely on impulse.

All this hasn’t stopped the Joker from occasionally showing his human - and even virtuous - side, however. Whether it's a brief moment of realization of the things he's done, a complete shift in thinking that makes him a hero, or even a temporary partnership with Batman, good guy Joker does exist in the DC universe. You just have to dig deep into all of the plots to find him.

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  • When He And Batman Work Together In ‘Dark Nights: Metal’

    Photo: DC Comics

    Dark Nights: Metal shows a new side to the Joker when a new villain arises. The Batman Who Laughs is a mixture of both Batman and the Joker who begins to terrorize everything and everyone around him. When it proves impossible for Batman to stop him alone, he teams up with his arch-nemesis to take him down.

    With the help of the Joker, Batman stops the Batman Who Laughs and saves the planet from almost certain destruction.

  • When He Is A Hero Fighting Villains In ‘Countdown’ 

    Photo: DC Comics

    In the Countdown series, the Joker has a counterpart in the Earth-3 universe. This character, known as the Jokester, battles his reality’s version of Batman, a supervillain known as Owlman. The Jokester goes from being a young boy who is bullied to a respected and heroic figure within the city for fighting back against the criminal Owlman.

    The series even gives this version of the Joker a new origin story, in which Owlman is responsible for providing him his permanent grin by slicing open his mouth.

  • When He's A Community Leader In ‘Superman: Distant Fires’ 

    Photo: DC Comics

    In the 1998 comic Superman: Distant Fires, the world suffers after an apocalyptic nuclear war that removes the powers of most superheroes. Following the nuclear war, the Joker also regains his sanity.

    He becomes an important community figurehead among a group of survivors who make a living in a jungle city known as Champion. The former villain works to keep everyone safe in this new refuge.

  • When He Constantly Refuses To Kill Batman

    Photo: DC Comics

    Throughout the history of Batman, the Joker consistently refuses to kill Batman when the chance arises. He even goes out of his way to save Bruce Wayne in some instances.

    Examples of this occur in The Clown At Midnight and Emperor Joker. In both instances, the villain has the opportunity to kill the Dark Knight but refrains from doing so.