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14 Times the Punisher Had His Rear Handed to Him

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The Punisher is arguably the biggest stone-cold badass in the Marvel Universe. Frank Castle has destroyed, blown up, and flat-out murdered thousands upon thousands of criminals in the name of justice. The Punisher has defeated many a mob boss, assassin, drug dealer, and, every now and then, a supervillain. But that doesn't make him invincible. There are plenty of people who have beaten the Punisher into the dust, leaving him humiliated in defeat. 

A combination of lack of superpowers, poor planning, and just plain dumb luck has humbled the Punisher many times throughout his vigilante career. It seems like every epic murderous victory Frank achieves is matched with an equally embarrassing fight that ends with the Punisher getting his ass kicked into cookie dough. Keep reading below to see some of Castle's most epic and embarrassing defeats.

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    When Spider-Man Spoiled the Punisher's Debut

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    Photo: Marvel

    Even though the Punisher is currently one of Marvel's biggest badasses, he didn't start out that way. In his comic book debut, Amazing Spider-Man #129, Spidey cleaned Punisher's clock so hard that Castle's body smashed a brick wall. So while the Punisher has certainly redeemed himself and made a name for himself as an ass kicker, he started out at as just another guy for Spidey to pummel. And, boy was he pummeled. 

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    When an 11-Year-Old Girl Gut Punched Him

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    The young group of teenage heroes known as the Runaways met with the Kingpin in New York, posing as a crime syndicate with the goal of taking him out. Sadly, no one clued in the Punisher about their plan, so Frank tracked them down and held a gun to the head of the eldest member, Chase Stein, in Runaways #26.

    What Castle didn't realize was that the youngest Runaway, Molly Hayes, was a mutant with superhuman strength on par with the Hulk. One punch to the gut from this little girl had the Punisher struggling to stay on his feet. Castle's mistake wasn't just painful, but awfully embarrassing, too.

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    When Daredevil Shot Him

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    Daredevil and the Punisher have brawled, teamed-up, brawled, teamed-up, etc. for over 30 years - with both of them being pretty evenly matched. However, during the first Punisher/Daredevil storyline in Daredevil #184, The Man Without Fear took down The Man Who's Not Bulletproof by taking a gun from an injured goon and shooting him. Superpowers notwithstanding, Castle lost a gunfight to a blind man.

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    When Mr. Fixit Fixed Frank with a Flick of His Finger

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    Photo: Marvel

    What's more dangerous than a Hulk? An intelligent Hulk. During one of Frank Castle's dumber moments in The Incredible Hulk #395, he decided to pick a fight with the green machine. Except this version of the Hulk had an intellect, the ability to speak properly, and the nickname "Mr. Fixit." Castle didn't do his research and targeted Mr. Fixit without knowing that this version of the Hulk had intelligence as well as strength. Whoops!

    The Punisher fired round after round at Mr. Fixit and even tossed a grenade at him. Ultimately, all it did was ruin the Hulk's pinstriped suit. Following the failed grenade attack, the Hulk knocked Frank out cold with a mere flick of his jade-green finger.

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