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14 Times the Punisher Had His Rear Handed to Him

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The Punisher is arguably the biggest stone-cold badass in the Marvel Universe. Frank Castle has destroyed, blown up, and flat-out murdered thousands upon thousands of criminals in the name of justice. The Punisher has defeated many a mob boss, assassin, drug dealer, and, every now and then, a supervillain. But that doesn't make him invincible. There are plenty of people who have beaten the Punisher into the dust, leaving him humiliated in defeat. 

A combination of lack of superpowers, poor planning, and just plain dumb luck has humbled the Punisher many times throughout his vigilante career. It seems like every epic murderous victory Frank achieves is matched with an equally embarrassing fight that ends with the Punisher getting his ass kicked into cookie dough. Keep reading below to see some of Castle's most epic and embarrassing defeats.

  • 1. When Spider-Man Had Enough of His Bullsh*t

    Photo: Marvel

    In Punisher: War Zone #1, Spider-Man became disgusted at the Punisher's murder-based vigilantism. The usually light and funny Spider-Man wasn't laughing in these panels. Instead, he webbed Castle up on the side of a bus and proceeded to beat him bloody. Spider-Man even let Castle hit him square on the chin, which only ended up injuring Castle's hand. The Punisher's saving grace was a stun grenade that allowed him to get one cheap shot on Spidey and make his escape. Even though Castle bounced back, he certainly felt and suffered every blow Spider-Man threw at him. And there were plenty. 

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  • 2. When Captain America Had Enough of His Bullsh*t

    Photo: Marvel

    When the Marvel Universe found itself divided over superhero registration in the original Civil War, Captain America felt that he needed as many allies as he could gather, including Frank Castle. Tony Stark had started recruiting villains to his side and to keep things even, two villains, Goldbug and Plunderer, approached Captain America about joining forces. Before Cap even had a chance to refuse, the Punisher shot them dead.

    Furious, Cap rained blows onto Castle, rebuking him for coldly murdering the well-meaning criminals. Rogers turned Castle into a bloody, pulpy mess, and demanded that Castle fight back. The Punisher refused - saying he had too much respect for Cap to lay a finger on him.

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  • 3. When Batman Bested Him in a Brawl

    Photo: DC Comics

    In Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights, Frank Castle and the Dark Knight teamed up to take down the worrisome duo of Jigsaw and the Joker. However, after the two foiled the villains' plot, Castle wanted to end the Joker once and for all - with a bullet to the head. Batman stepped in and forbade the Punisher from executing the Joker.

    As the Joker ran for safety, Castle punched Bats in the face. That would be the only shot he would get. Batman proceeded to counter Punisher's attacks and threw him around like a rag doll. Punisher licked his wounds and eventually left the scene, while Batman threatened to lock him up in Arkham if their paths crossed again.

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  • 4. When Daken Fileted Him

    Photo: Marvel

    As Norman Osborn ushered in his "Dark Reign" on the Marvel Universe, one of his primary goals was to take out Frank Castle. In Dark Reign: The List - Punisher, Osborn ordered Daken, Wolverine's son, to take the Punisher down. Daken caught up to Castle on a rooftop, and even though he put up an epic fight, the Punisher lost the showdown.

    Daken took Castle out by slicing, dicing, and fileting him with his claws, then removed Punisher's arms and head, dropping the pieces of his body in a sewer. Morbius found the pieces and sewed them back together with the hopes that Punisher would help save his people. But when the Franken-Castle creation awoke, he just walked away. The less said about that whole resurrection debacle, the better.

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