Ranker Readers Are Sharing The Times They Took Home A Stray Pet

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Let's get a little personal here: when I was young, let's say around 7 or 8 years old, I was walking down the streets of my town with two of my best friends when I heard a very low and timid "meow" close to me. I stopped, looked around, and saw a small black tail coming from behind a weeping willow tree. Yes, you guessed it! There was a beautiful black kitty waiting to be rescued and loved. So I did, I rescued him, and of course, named him Salem and took him home. Like me, there are plenty of other animal lovers that take home stray pets and we love to hear their stories. Which ones have you ready to adopt a fur baby?

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    The Cat Found Them

    From Facebook commenter Paddi T:

    There are many. The latest was 3 days ago. A sweet kitty met me at my door daily and [purred] and let me pick him up. I scooped him up and took him to my mom's house. She is 79 and wanted a kitty.

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    The Cat Would Never Move Out Of Their Way

    From Facebook commenter Jessica H:

    Fed the strays where I used to live and named one Scooter since he never moved out of my way and always [told] him to scoot over. He had a hematoma on his ear. Took him to the vet and they told me he had FIV and [that] I should put him down. Took him in and he is my most lovable baby.

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    The Neighbor Abandoned Her

    From Facebook commenter Kristyn Lorraine H:

    She was abandoned by my neighbors years ago. She had been outside for a week. The neighbors told me they wouldn't take her back because she had gotten out. So I adopted her and she has been with me for about 6 1/2 years now.

  • Three Puppies In The Dumpster
    Photo: Martin Vorel / Wikimedia Commons / Public domain
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    Three Puppies In The Dumpster

    From Facebook commenter Paul B:

    Well, not just one we found three puppies in the dumpster across the street from our house after Halloween in the morning. Gave one away, kept one, and one went to my in-laws. Felt good to save lives.

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    Best Vacation Ever

    From Facebook commenter Cathie R:

    Went on vacation. It was a miserable rainy summer week in a remote wooded area. The bright spot of the vacation is we came home with our cat Kiki. Best vacation!

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    The Dog Followed The Four Wheeler

    From Facebook commenter Jeremy N:

    One day I was out riding my four-wheeler and a dog followed me for about a mile. When I turned around and [saw] the dog when I was almost home, I thought if it followed me for that long [then] I'll keep her. I'm even super allergic to anything with fur.