14 TV Shows That Gave You Plenty of Reasons to Stop Watching

The standard, generic television of yesterday has been replaced. In the 21st century, the golden age of TV, there are a plethora of shows that test audiences, punishing viewers with blood and gore, while killing off beloved characters. Netflix, cable, and pay channels do not have to adhere to network standards, and they are willing to take risks in an effort to gain viewers. Sometimes, it all gets to be too much.

SPOILERS from this point on, FYI

When The Walking Dead writers killed Glenn, many fans vowed to give up on the apocalyptic drama forever. Even though The Walking Dead is known for its brutally violent episodes, watching Negan pound our beloved friend to death with his spiked bat, Lucille, made even the toughest viewers cringe with agony.

Long-running dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter have featured their fair share of tough episodes to sit through. Fans became so enraged with Derek's sudden death on Grey's or Rita’s on Dexter, they felt the writers betrayed them. If you didn’t cry when Derek died, there might be something seriously wrong with you.

Lost probably had the most frustrating episodes of any program on this list. Who didn't want to give up on that show at some point? Be honest - how many times did you should "What the hell is going on?!" as you made your way through Lost, even if you'd seen it all before and knew what was coming. 

This collection also features programs that staled over time. For example, there wasn’t one specific episode of Modern Family that made you want to break up with the show, but the comedy is not anywhere near as funny as it used to be. And, as always mention anything you feel is left out in the comments.