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Twitter User Shares 'Epic Tale' Of The Tinder Date Plot Twist The Internet Did Not See Coming

April 9, 2021 178.7k views11 items

We've all heard wild tinder stories, but THIS one is special. Twitter user @bvdhai shared the "epic tale about... dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization." While @bvdhai may have been disappointed, the internet could not get enough of the entertaining encounter.

  • It All Started When A Guy Matched With A Mysterious Person On Tinder


  • After Chatting For A While, She Asks If She Can Hold Off Chatting Till Her ‘Big Presentation’ At Work Is Done


  • After Thinking He Was Ghosted, She Finally Texts Back With A Date And A Location

    Photo: @bvdhai / Twitter


  • He Accepts And Starts To Dig Deeper Into Who This Person Could Be

    Photo: @bvdhai / Twitter