The Biggest Turnoffs For Women On Tinder

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Many people have mixed feelings about dating websites, especially Tinder. Since its inception, Tinder has quickly grown as one of the most frequently used apps for people to meet other people in their area. And as anyone who has used it for more than five minutes can tell you, there are some basic Tinder etiquette rules people need to follow if they want to increase their chances of not getting swiped left. For example: don't be an overly confident jerk, don't have misleading photos, and don't assume that women are only interested in how much money you make.

While it can be argued that people who are on Tinder don't take it seriously and are only there to have fun or to hook up, it should not be assumed. Below are some of the biggest Tinder turnoffs for women. (Note: everyone has different tastes, and what some heterosexual women find attractive, others may not. But this list reflects what I have heard as complaints from a number of women).
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    You Don't Have Any Photos Of Yourself

    I have no choice but to assume you are not a real person.
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    Your Bio Section Is Cocky

    Too many guys on Tinder use their bio section to let their ignorance shine through.

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    I Can't See Your Face

    Call me superficial, but if I am going to be matched with you on this dating site, I would appreciate knowing what you look like.
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    You're Being Mean

    Telling me I look better in my first two pictures than I do in any of the rest of them isn't exactly a compliment, neither is asking me if my personality is as amazing as my smile.
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    You Use Vulgar Pick Up Lines

    Regardless of why a woman may be on the site, starting the conversation with an explicit reference is gross.

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    You Only Have Group Pictures

    I don't feel like playing a game of "Where's Waldo?" just to figure out which guy you are.