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Tiny Animals That Caused Big Problems and Induced Chaos  

Isadora Teich
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If there's anything the Internet loves, it's small animals. Whether they are baby animals or just naturally small, if you say you haven't wasted hours of your life looking at cute animal pictures, you are probably lying. However, these little squishes and fluffs we love so much have also caused massive problems worldwide. You won't even believe some of these small animals that caused big problems. 

Whether you love itty bitty kittens or tarantulas or are terrified of even the smallest snake, these tiny animals that broke things will definitely give you pause. From causing massive blackouts to deadly disasters to bizarre accidents, these small animals that broke things will definitely make you wonder how far away you are from some wacky squirrel-related ten-car pile-up.  

From mice to cats to bees and beloved household pets, keep your eyes peeled for critters that are out to cause trouble. This list will show you how even the smallest jellyfish can ruin days of work for a nuclear power plant in Sweden, or how no one is safe from the dangers posed by tiny, cute animals. Check it out. 

Monkey Runs Wild in Ikea Parking Lot
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Remember that small monkey in a coat that got caught wandering around a Canadian Ikea parking lot in 2012 and went viral? Like all things viral, everyone was obsessed with Darwin the macaque for a minute, and then we all forgot about him. However, he's had quite a time since. Unsurprisingly, it's not legal to keep exotic primates as pets, and after his brush with fame, his owner, Yasmin Nadhuka, was fined. Darwin was then taken away from her and sent to a sanctuary in Ontario. A brutal and lengthy court case ensued, which she, of course, lost. Because you can't keep a wild macaque in your suburban crash pad and dress it up to do errands with you. 

These Monkeys in India Are Literally Breaking the Internet
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If you remember the days of dial-up and find yourself flying into a rage whenever your Internet is slow, remember that India is having a hell of a time trying to make the Internet accessible to all of its citizens for an unusual reason. The government of India is currently trying to install over 400,000 miles of fiber cable to bring Internet to hundreds of thousands of remote villages, but macaque monkeys keep eating and stealing the cables. As the monkeys are considered to be avatars of the Hindu god Hanuman, local officials in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh report that they can't do anything about it. 

Florida Man Tries to Rescue Cat from Highway, Causes Deadly Accident Instead
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Photo: WelshPixie/flickr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

In 2014 a man driving on the Florida Turnpike tried to rescue a cat he saw in the road, only to cause a deadly crash that backed up the highway during rush hour for miles. The man saw the cat in the center lane, pulled over, and tried to walk into traffic to save it. This caused a massive chain reaction which killed the cat, an old woman, and left the man in critical condition. 

Jellyfish Take a Stand Against Nuclear Power in Sweden
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Photo:  twend354/Pixabay/CC0 1.0

In 2013, a swarm of jellyfish forced EON SE (a utility company) to shut down Sweden's largest nuclear reactor for days. Power output at the 1,400-megawatt Oskarshamn-3 unit ground to a halt as the jellyfish, which were clearly concerned about the fate of the world, invaded the cooling water inlet at the reactor on the Baltic coast. While it takes more than one lone jellyfish to gum up the works at a nuclear power plant, this was not the first or only time this has happened.