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Reasons Why Living In A Tiny House Would Be Utter Hell, No Matter How Trendy It Is

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Looking to move into a new home? Maybe you're considering jumping on the tiny house trend. They sound so appealing: you could simplify your life and really focus on the important things, like disposing of your fecal matter. You read that right. And that's just one of the reasons why tiny houses are hell. They're a lot of work, they don't come with great Internet options, and they are actually super tiny.

What's really behind this awful tiny house trend? Money, of course. Would anyone consider a tiny house if they cost as much as a traditional home? Of course not! The biggest appeal by far is the price tag. But here's the thing: they're pricier than you think. Sure, you could buy a shed from Home Depot and throw it on the back of the trailer, but that'll still cost a few grand, and you won't have a toilet. 

Living in a tiny house would be the worst. From limited water to questionable security, here are all the reasons why tiny houses are terrible.

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    You Have To Figure Out Your Own Plumbing

    Tiny house living means exploring the wide variety of creative options for disposing of your dumps. All of them are much more hands-on than traditional plumbing, and none of them are pretty.

    You could spring for a more affordable composting option, but that means you have to actively compost your own poop. You could get a low-flush toilet, which requires emptying. Or, you buy a more expensive incinerating toilet. Believe it or not, the incinerating toilet doesn't smell like chocolate chip cookies when it's roasting your turds.

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    Internet Access Is Spotty

    Getting off the grid may sound appealing in theory, but it's hard to wean yourself off of technology in practice. But you'll pretty much have to go cold turkey to live in a tiny house.

    For a mobile tiny house, the most common Internet options are satellite and mobile hotspot. The former is more expensive, but offers faster speeds and better reception. But it's still a lot slower than the most home hookups.

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    You Need A Good Vehicle

    To tow a tiny house, you need a vehicle capable of towing. Those are usually large trucks, and they aren't cheap. What's more, constant towing puts a strain on any vehicle that will necessitate more repairs – sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars.

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    You Have To Be Handy

    Tiny home ownership equals tiny home upkeep. You'll need to know how to fix your various miniature appliances, and unfortunately, items like decent toilets require a lot of maintenance. Then there's the plumbing in general. If you don't want to go the bucket route, you'll need to know how to unclog pipes and install equipment.

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