Fads Reasons Why Living In A Tiny House Would Be Utter Hell, No Matter How Trendy It Is  

Zack Howe
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Looking to move into a new home? Maybe you're considering jumping on the tiny house trend. They sound so appealing: you could simplify your life and really focus on the important things, like disposing of your fecal matter. You read that right. And that's just one of the reasons why tiny houses are hell. They're a lot of work, they don't come with great Internet options, and they are actually super tiny.

What's really behind this awful tiny house trend? Money, of course. Would anyone consider a tiny house if they cost as much as a traditional home? Of course not! The biggest appeal by far is the price tag. But here's the thing: they're pricier than you think. Sure, you could buy a shed from Home Depot and throw it on the back of the trailer, but that'll still cost a few grand, and you won't have a toilet. 

Living in a tiny house would be the worst. From limited water to questionable security, here are all the reasons why tiny houses are terrible.

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You Have To Haul Water

Assuming you want a mobile tiny house, you basically have two options for water. If you decide to go sans plumbing, then you'll have to haul water regularly in jugs and buckets, and store it where you need it (in the sink or shower, for instance).

You could also use a tank and pump, which would more closely simulate traditional home living. But, you still have to fill the system when it empties, so you're back to hauling water again.

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You Don't Have A Washer And Dryer

Some tiny houses do have laundry facilities, but they're incredibly expensive. You'll probably end up going to laundromats, or having to hand-wash and line-dry your clothes. Either way, laundry is going to become a lot more time-consuming.

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Having All The Amenities Is Not Cheap

The average cost of a tiny house is $23,000. And that's for a DIY build, which you shouldn't undertake unless you really know construction. Obviously, that's still significantly less than a traditional house, but you're also getting significantly less. You can cut costs by using a compost toilet and foregoing traditional plumbing. But doing so means you're giving up a lot of amenities you probably take for granted, and that can spell disaster.

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The Bank Probably Won't Help You

Banks are not chomping at the bit to give out loans for tiny houses; they believe they don't have good resale value. You basically need to be able to finance your tiny house on your own, or dive into a deep pool of credit card debt. And if you're the typical tiny house buyer (i.e., a millennial), you probably already have all the debt you're willing to carry.

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