21 Times People On The Internet Gave Absolutely Bonkers Names To Normal, Everyday Things

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The Subreddit r/TOMT is a useful forum for when you're stumped on movie titles, tv shows, or random nostalgia items you can no longer remember. It's also extremely useful for those everyday terms that just simply slipped your mind. Sometimes the descriptions people use are pretty hilarious as well, so we've rounded up the most bonkers names people gave to normal things. See if you understand what these Redditors are referring to, and vote up the funniest ones!

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    We're Only Referring To Lasagna As Pasta Cake From Now On

    From Redditor u/NotNinjalord5:

    What is the actual word for Pasta Cake.

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    Sometimes You Just Can't Find The Words

    From Redditor u/KertWert:

    ... horse fish.

    my friend is currently on the floor laughing over the fact I said "horse fish" please help.

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    Personally, We Like Pasta Blanket Better

    From Redditor u/[deleted]:

    That pasta sandwich pan stuff.

    So this sounds stupid but I cannot remember what this is called, it’s like a pasta blanket, with meat sauce and cheese in it, then another pasta blanket on top.

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    Careful What You Google

    From Redditor u/Jexlan:

    Means "spending a lot of money" and sounds like “splooge."

    e.g. "I will guiltless [word] my lottery money!"

    I thought it was "splooge" and then Googled it, to find out that meant something totally different.

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    Can't Get More Direct Than That

    From Redditor u/sukhvir564312:

    Hand necklaces.

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    Coconut Head?

    From Redditor u/chafos:

    What are those dogs that look like coconuts called?

    They're not really dogs exactly, but if a dog was made of coconuts and had a different shaped head, it'd be them.

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