15 Tips For First Time Home Buyers

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Home owners: Vote up the tips you wish you knew the first time you bought a house.

Whether you are on the exciting path of buying your first house or you are just getting ready for when that rewarding time comes, you need to check out these tips for new homeowners and put them into practice! Vote up the best stories about what things new homeowners should look out for!

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    Hire A Good Painter

    From Redditor u/Jellyeleven:​

    Hire a good painter. I’m a painter myself and tell people regularly nothing makes a $1MM house look like $750k faster than a bad paint job.

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    Buy Good Tools

    From Redditor u/ApneaAddict:

    It's really easy to do upgrades/repairs yourself. Get on Youtube and learn. Get books and read. There are forums out there on the interweb for anything you want to know, full of masters in their trade that are looking to impart their knowledge to you. You will save thousands of dollars over the long run if you can follow instructions.

    Buy good tools if you don't already have them. They will last a very long time if you take care of them.

    Start saving for the stuff you can't/don't want to take care of. Everything will break at some point.

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    Be Proactive On The Inspection

    From Redditor u/strungup:

    Definitely be proactive on the inspection. I would honestly recommend getting a second inspection on a home you are really serious about. And don’t believe them if they tell you they’ll include a home warranty for the first year, so don’t worry about whatever. They’ll include the home warranty, but it will be useless for real problems.

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    Take Care Of The Termites

    From Redditor u/eyekunt:

    Make sure you take care of termites.