Tips for Having Friends with Benefits

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We all have good-looking friends. We've all taken a look or two at them here or there. And sometimes those hot friends just happen to be a little more flirtatious than usual. Before you know it, you're knockin' boots, having a blast, and the phrase comes up: friends with benefits (FWB). First thing to know: This situation will not work with just any friend. We suggest you follow these FWB rules.

How can you be friends with benefits? It's a thin line to walk. How do you remain friends afterward? Can you even be friends? Here are all the tips and tricks to lead you through a successful FWB relationship. Vote up which actions are best to take to help drag you through to come out unscathed on the other side. 

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    Act Normal In Public

    None of those cutesy, flirty, kissy shenanigans can go on in public. Can you imagine all the backlash you're going to get when you hand-feed your FWB some spinach and artichoke dip? And just when you realize what you're doing, with your friends gawking at you, mouths agape, your hand finds a new trajectory, nearly missing Friend McGee's mouth and smearing dip all over their cheek, while you quickly try to cover up with a lame story about shooing a fly off their face.

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    Neediness Is Not Attractive

    It doesn't matter what gender you are; no one wants a clingy, needy, attention-obsessed person.

    Do you think your FWB is going to appreciate the 45 texts you send her every day while you try to make "casual" conversation with your FWB and outline your entire day? Depending on how exclusive you are, probably not.

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    There's No Room For Jealousy

    See your friend hooking up with that hot dude who's more attractive than the Old Spice guy with water running down that silky skin? Yeah, you most certainly do, and your friend's eating it up, one spoonful at a time. 

    But, you're just friends. So, whatever, right?

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    Secrets Don't Make Friends, But They Keep Friends

    Want to come out of your libidinous rendezvous unscathed? Don't tell a soul. Not your best friend, not your mom — no one. No one can know. Sure, they'll promise they won't tell anyone, but they will because they're humans.

    No one can know; no one can keep a secret forever.

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    Don't Go On Dates With Your FWB

    This relationship is about hooking up, so don't go making it emotional with dinner and roses and long walks on the beach. Keep it strictly booty-call business to avoid anyone feeling like they need to muster out the L-word. 

    And even if you know for sure you're not going to fall in love with your under-the-sheets buddy, just imagine what it's going to do for your relationship if you go out to dinner together. You order nachos as an appetizer, and your FWB shocks you with their eating habits. Good luck getting it up after that. 

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    Love Can Change An FWB Relationship

    Love will end an FWB relationship. If you're strictly looking for a no-strings-attached style of play, then falling in love will likely end that arrangement.

    But if you both catch feelings and decide to pursue a relationship, that FWB situation could become a significant other scenario. Communicating and checking in with your FWB about how you both feel and what you both want will help keep the relationship healthy, FWB or not.

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