Stereotypes About Different Countries That We Are Downright Sick Of Hearing

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Even if you've never been to a particular country, you most likely have a picture of what that country and its people look like in your head. We generally soak up information about various world locales through news stories, history books, movies, television and other pop culture, then consume it all through our acknowledged or unrecognized cultural biases.

Well, it turns out a lot of the people from those countries are sick of the stereotypes we've concocted about them, and they're sounding off about it. These are the country stereotypes that people are sick of hearing.

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    Africa Is A Country

    From Redditor u/B_Mwangi:

    The continent isn't one big country and we don't hunt lions every morning.

    I'm from Kenya (and there's people who actually ask me where TF that is).

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    Poland Is Gray

    From Redditor u/Space_Codette:

    Poland is not a gray, depressing wasteland. In reality it is a very beautiful country with tons of gorgeous natural areas.

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    All Canadians Are Sweet And Apologetic

    From Redditor u/mattcruise:

    That all Canadians are nice.

    No, we all have *ssholes. Don't let our *ssholes think they aren't *ssholes.

    And Redditor u/tom_f*ckin_bombadil:

    The “they always apologize” stereotype... [A] lot of times “sorry” is just us saying “excuse me” or “pardon” and not being all that apologetic.

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    Lots Of British People Have Cockney Accents

    From a former Redditor:

    Very few Brits have a cockney accent. Our accents in fact vary so heavily that some Brits are almost unintelligible to other Brits.

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    That Australian Joke About Dingoes And Babies Is SO Funny

    From Redditor u/EbmocwenHsimah:

    Not exactly sure if you'd call it a stereotype, but I'm so f*cking over people mocking us with the phrase "a dingo took/ate my baby." I'll tell you the story of how that sentence became a punchline.

    Lindy Chamberlain was put in prison for three years because nobody believed that a dingo actually took her baby Azaria when the family went camping in the Australian outback.

    In terms of young children being taken away by dingoes, it's not something that people considered to be "impossible." None of the locals, rangers, campers, and trackers doubted that Azaria could've been taken by a dingo, but these people knew the outback and the wildlife that lives there. The people who prosecuted and put their prejudices on the Chamberlains clearly did not.

    From the law to the media to the general public, a lot of people absolutely scrutinized her and immediately jumped to the conclusion that she murdered her child. Some claimed that she was guilty because she wasn't acting like a stereotypical grieving mother. Some claimed she was guilty because they thought the name Azaria means "sacrifice in the wilderness" and not "blessed by God." Some claimed that Lindy was part of a cult that killed infants, and others claimed that she practiced witchcraft.

    At best, the prosecution's evidence in the initial trial was flimsy, and at worst, the trial itself was heavily biased against her. However, in 1988, eight years after the death of their daughter, Lindy and her husband Michael's convictions were overturned. This finally happened because the police stumbled upon Azaria's jacket whilst trying to find bones from a dead tourist that were taken away by dingoes. It was a true chance discovery that proved their innocence.

    This is where the jokes come in, and where the wider international spread of the phrase started. After the Chamberlains' story was turned into the film A Cry in the Dark, the phrase "A dingo took my baby" became one of those go-to Australian things foreigners associate with us, because, in their eyes, it's so absurd, so ridiculous that it just can't be true...

    In 2012, the case was finally put to rest by a coroner who delivered her findings that Azaria Chamberlain was indeed taken and killed by a dingo. After 32 years, there were finally answers, and Lindy's suspicions were confirmed.

    TL;DR: The phrase "a dingo took/ate my baby" originates from a true story involving a disturbing disappearance, an unspeakable amount of grief, a gross miscarriage of justice and intense public scrutiny, prejudice, and bias. That's nothing to f*cking laugh about.

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    Mexico Is Sepia-Toned And Full Of Cartels

    From Redditor u/Rvntlt1906:

    Our country is not sepia-colored.

    And Redditor u/Bastet1111:

    This and the fact that many foreigners think... we don't have supermarkets.

    I've seen many travelers take useless stuff [in] their carry-ons simply because they think there aren't any megastores.

    And Redditor u/WalllyG:

    This might be oddly specific, but that piece of soundtrack they use in the movies when they’re in Mexico. The one that sounds like [the music is] taken from El Zorro.

    Redditor u/Historical-Review435 adds:

    Ah yes! And that we all belong to a cartel lol.