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30 Puppies Who've Had a Long Week

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Think the life of a puppy is all frolicking and cuddles? Think again. As puppies everywhere will tell you, the life of a baby dog isn’t always as relaxing as it may appear. The tired puppies you’ll find in these adorable photos of cute dogs sleeping have had a long week, and they are more than happy to catch up on some much needed snooze time. Below, you’ll find little dudes of a variety of breeds who are too tired to even realize that they’re demonstrating exactly how exhausting puppy life can be.

These little guys insist that puppyhood is not for the weak. After all, what can you expect from a life that begins with having to wrestle your 9 brothers and sisters for milk, all before you can even open your eyes? Then of course there’s learning to bark at pretty much anything that moves, and even a few things that don’t, just to be sure, oh, and potty-training? Don’t even get these little guys started.

The good news about being a puppy, however, is that no matter what you’re doing, you pretty much always look adorable doing it, even if it’s just taking a snooze. Vote up the cutest, most exhausted puppy, and let us know how adorable you think they are in the comment section.
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