14 Insufferable Relationships That Almost Ruined Great TV Shows

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Be careful what you wish for television spectators, sometimes the chase is better than the prize. A will-they-wont-they romance is a TV trope as old as the medium. Nothing keeps viewers tuning in for new episodes like the possibility of two characters getting together.

Whole seasons can glide on tension. Long-running flirtations are fraught with intrigue. Many a successful season finale has given viewers the satisfaction of seeing two characters finally end up together. And then comes the difficult task of keeping up momentum. If a show was depending too much on the chemistry of a couple, sometimes the surest way to tank the show is to give those two characters a happy ending. 

Then there are the shows which imagined relationships between characters out of thin air, which made for either boring TV couples or such mismatched romances they were uncomfortable to watch. These bad couplings have ruined - or nearly ruined - perfectly good TV shows. Maybe you couldn't stomach the show anymore after the pairing, and even lied about watching it to appease your diehard fan friends. Here are some of those bad TV relationships that had us throwing things at our screens and changing the channel.


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    Izzie And George, 'Grey's Anatomy'

    Izzie And George, 'Grey's Anatomy'
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    Here's another TV relationship, like Joey and Rachel, where a couple should have stayed in the friend zone. George and Izzie on Grey's Anatomy were the best of friends and seeing them make out was sort of like watching a brother and sister cross the line of decency.

    Grey's has given viewers plenty of reasons to tap out over the course of its extended run and Izzie and George's union could easily top that list.

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    Rachel And Joey, 'Friends'

    Rachel And Joey, 'Friends'
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    Friends had perhaps one of the best will they/won't they couples in TV history: Ross and Rachel. And when those two found happiness and then lost it, the show tried to recreate the energy from that relationship by choosing another random person to be secretly in love with Rachel. In a baffling move, they chose the only other male friend option, Joey.

    Every single thing about Rachel and Joey as a couple was just plain wrong. It felt wrong to Joey and Ross's friendship. It felt wrong considering Rachel was having a child with Ross. The whole relationship was a contrived plot device on a show that was running out of ideas. 

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    Cersei And Jaime, 'Game Of Thrones'

    Cersei And Jaime, 'Game Of Thrones'
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    Is twincest best? On Game Of Thrones, Jaime and Cersei produce two rather sweet children; however, their union also spawns Joffrey, one of the cruelest characters in the history of television. Parenting skills aside, the forbidden interfamilial aspect of their relationship was what kept it grossly intriguing.

    Once the two stopped trying so hard to keep their relationship a secret, it stopped being one of the show's more interesting relationships. 

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    Megan And Don, 'Mad Men'

    Megan And Don, 'Mad Men'
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    On Mad Men, Don Draper knew Megan Calvet for all of five minutes before asking her to marry him. Don was used to a woman taking care of him. Megan was young and living in a time period that championed matrimony as the highest female honor. Her relationship with Don thrived when she worked alongside him in advertising, showcasing her intelligence and her wifely abilities.

    When Megan follows her heart and goes back to acting, the relationship quickly falls apart. Watching its demise is both painful and tedious. For one, Don's hubris is relationships, so its unsurprising when the relationship crumbles. Furthermore, viewers had started to tire of seeing relationship after relationship on the show fail, making Don and Megan's drama feel, well, undramatic.