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23 Facts You May Not Know About The 'Titanic'

In the early morning of April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank into the North Atlantic Ocean. Just four days into the ship's journey, this massive ocean liner collided with an iceberg, which lead to the loss of most patrons and crew members on board a few hours later. Poor lifeboat management, combined with the lack of a nearby ship, led to one of the biggest disasters of all time, and the wreckage of the ship still exists on the bottom of the ocean floor today.   

Most people's knowledge of the Titanic comes from the Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet film, but the film generated many myths about the Titanic because the movie missed plenty of information and got other things  wrong. For instance, did you know the Titanic was the first ship to feature a heated swimming pool onboard?

This list includes some lesser-known fun facts about the Titanic. For instance, newspapers originally reported that there were no casualties. The list goes on and on, so check out our fun facts about the Titanic below.

  • At Least One Worker Died While Building The 'Titanic'

    In 1910, 15-year-old Samuel Scott, the first casualty of the Titanic, fell from a ladder and died due to a fatal skull fracture. His body was buried in an unmarked grave in Belfast, finally receiving a headstone in 2011.

    Scott wasn't alone, as builder James Dobbins was crushed under lumber during the transport of the ship to a dock. Other deaths were also rumored to have occurred during the construction, which allegedly involved other young and unskilled workers and shoddy oversight.

  • The 'Titanic' Featured A Heated Saltwater Swimming Pool On Deck

    The Titanic had a heated saltwater swimming pool on deck, a rarity for a luxury ocean liner at the time. It also featured Turkish baths, a squash court, and a library.

  • The Captain May Have Been Close To Retirement

    According to some reportsTitanic captain Edward John Smith may have been set to retire after this final voyage. Many people are torn about Captain Smith - some say he was responsible for one of the worst disasters of all time based on his negligence, while others call him a hero, as he bravely went down with the ship.

  • The Interior Was Designed To Resemble The Ritz Hotel In London

    If the interior of the Titanic looks familiar, it's because it was modeled after London's Ritz hotel. The contemporary style included dining rooms with ornate ceilings and plush carpets, as well as first-class cabins designed after some of the suites at the Ritz.