Weird History 28 Facts You May Not Know About the Titanic  

Matthew Cole Weiss
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On April 14, 1912, the Titanic sank into the north Atlantic Ocean. Just four days into the ship's journey, this massive ocean liner collided with an iceberg, which lead to the loss of most patrons and crew members on board. Poor lifeboat management, combined with the lack of a nearby ship, led to one of the biggest disasters of all time, and the wreckage of the ship still exists on the bottom of the ocean floor today.   

Most people's knowledge of the Titanic comes from the Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet film, but there's actually plenty of information that the movie missed - or got wrong entirely. For instance, did you know that the Titanic was the first ship to have a heated swimming pool on board?

This list has some lesser-known fun facts about the Titanic, some of which will totally blow your mind. A fortune teller had predicted the wreck weeks earlier, for example. Newspapers originally reported that no one had died. There was a movie star on board who filmed a movie about the tragedy only 10 days after surviving it, while she was still wearing the same dress she wore when she was rescued. The list could go on and on, so check out the fun facts about the Titanic below.

On the Morning of the Accident, a Lifeboat Drill Was Canceled

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The lifeboat situation was pretty dire when the Titanic went down. Some boats left early with room for more passengers on board due to extreme panic and confusion. This could have been avoided if the lifeboat drill that had been scheduled for that morning had not been cancelled. We're not sure why the drill was canceled, but it's safe to say that the crew definitely did not suspect that there would be any danger in the near future.

Source: The Star

A Handwriten Letter from the Day of the Accident Still Exists

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After over 100 years, the last surviving handwritten letter written on Titanic letterhead resurfaced for an auction. Esther Hart and her daughter, Eva, wrote a letter to Esther's mother about the wonderful journey that they were taking together on the Titanic. Although her husband was tragically killed that day, Esther and Eva survived. They kept the letter in the family for decades, until it went up for auction in England and sold for $18,000.  

Source: The Daily Mail

All of the Third-Class Passengers Shared Two Bathtubs

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The third-class accommodations on the ship were vertiably barbaric. Bunk beds in third-class had mattresses, pillows, and blankets, but no sheets or pillowcases. And only two bathtubs served all 700+ third-class men and women. Can you imagine having to wait your turn to take a bath at the end of a 450 person line?

Source: The Telegraph

Three Dogs Made It Into the Lifeboats

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Although nine dogs passed away aboard the Titanic, three lucky pups somehow made it onto a lifeboat. Two were Pomeranians, and one was a Pekinese. One of the dogs that survived belonged to Henry Harper, heir to Harper & Row publishing. When asked why he saved his dog over other people, he replied, "There seemed to be lots of room, and nobody made any objection.” 

Source: The Smithsonian