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They're Rebuilding The 'Titanic' And You Can Go On Its Maiden Voyage

The RMS Titanic is arguably the most famous ship to ever set sail - and not for a good reason. The mighty passenger liner, notably described as "unsinkable," sank in the North Atlantic on the morning of April 15, 1912, a mere two days away from its scheduled arrival in New York City. In doing so, the doomed vessel inspired a litany of retellings, at least one Oscar-winning film, and a handful of attempts at a real-life sailing sequel, including the Titanic II, due to make its maiden voyage in 2022.

The Titanic II project, the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, is an ambitious one, and it's already run into numerous setbacks. However, similar to the survivors of the original Titanic, those behind the endeavor have persevered. And Palmer hopes that just like some of the supposed treasures that sank with the Titanic, this project will one day prove to be incredibly lucrative.

  • The Ship Will Follow The Same Route As The Original Liner For Part Of The Year

    After its maiden voyage from Dubai to New York, the Titanic II will travel from New York City to Southampton in England. From there, it will start making regular trips between Southampton and New York, as the original Titanic was intended to do.

    Blue Star Line Chairman Clive Palmer noted that the Southampton/New York relay will be the Titanic II’s regular route during the summer, but he's exploring options in other seasons. Palmer envisions the Titanic II as a worldwide vessel, traveling to ports everywhere as a floating tourist attraction.

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    The Sections Of The Boat Will Be Separated By Class, Just Like In 1912

    As anyone who has watched James Cameron's Oscar-winning film Titanic can tell you, the original Titanic was sectioned by class, and social status significantly affected passengers' accommodations on the ship. The Titanic II will also be split into first-, second-, and third-class accommodations, and the berths are intended to be authentic.

    This means cramped quarters - but discounted prices - for those in the third-class and extreme elegance for those in first. Whether or not all passengers can experience the other class options is apparently "under consideration."

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    A Promotional Video Suggests Employees Might Wear Period Costumes

    Exact details of the “experience” offered by the Blue Star Line have yet to be announced, but it's possible the Titanic II’s design won't be the only historical-leaning attribute on the cruise. A promotional video depicts both passengers and crew in vintage costumes accurate to the early 20th century, which suggests employees might wear period-inspired outfits on the voyage.

    Details should become available as the ship's 2022 debut draws near.

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    Restaurants And Amenities Will Be Replicated

    The Blue Star Line will pull out all the stops when it comes to providing an authentic Titanic experience - if everything goes smoothly. According to Blue Star's website, the goal is for the Titanic II to feature all of the same restaurants and dining rooms as the original.

    Those eateries will carefully replicate the 1912 at-sea dining experience, with antique décor and a menu to match. Other onboard amenities will include saunas, pools, and a Turkish bath.