READ TMI Facts About Anderson Cooper's Sex Life  

Ryan Davis
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Ever since Anderson Cooper publicly came out back in 2012, he's been a major sex symbol for the gay community. Dubbed as the quintessential silver fox, Cooper has been heating up newscast ratings both before and after he announced his sexual orientation. And lucky for the fans that swoon for his 60 minutes on 60 Minutes, Cooper has become much more liberal about sharing his NSFW antics. Sadly, the women who lust after him will never get to call themselves Cooper's girlfriend. And ultimately these women have laid the responsibility of scoping out who Cooper is dating next onto the gay community, a job many patrons are happy to take upon themselves. But lately, those details have become a lot easier to unearth.

Thanks to the help of Andy Cohen and Cooper's famous bromance, Cooper's sex life is now on the main stage of pop culture and television. With an array of racy tell-all appearances on Watch What Happens Live and Anderson Cooper 360, there is nothing left off the table in regards to Cooper's sexual preferences. While your favorite host reports the news, we've compiled a list to report all the TMI facts about Anderson Cooper's sex life you didn't know you needed.

He Was Once Offered $2,500 for Sex

#tbt me from '93 or so in Interview Magazine.

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Back in his teen modeling days (yes he used to be a kid model), Cooper stated that
he was offered $2,500 by a male photographer to have sex with him. To say the least, that was the end of Cooper's modeling career. Cooper was so shaken by the experience that he stopped modeling altogether. Unfortunately for the public, his potential model smolder was cut short.

He Used to Date Girls to Flirt with Their Brothers

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Before he was openly out, Cooper admitted that he used to date girls from time to time. Although his experience with women was limited, Cooper confessed that he still wasn't really focused on the girls he was with during his youth. Instead, Cooper revealed that he used to date girls to get closer to their brothers. He stated that, "They thought we were dating, and I was sort of hoping to meet their brothers."

He May Be In an Open Relationship

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In 2012, Cooper's long term boyfriend, Ben Maisani, was photographed making out with another man in a New York park. Cooper refused to comment on the photos, and there appeared to be no visible strain on the couple's relationship. This caused many to speculate the two are in an open relationship, as they have conflicting work schedules. Either way, it's your loss if you're cheating on Anderson Cooper.

He Went on a Blind Date with Andy Cohen

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen share a very special bromance. The two often frequent gaycations together, which has resulted in widespread speculation that the two were hooking up. However, when Cohen was confronted with these rumors, he set the record straight. While the two have never had sex, they were once set up on a blind date that didn't quite click. Instead, it budded into a whirlwind Instagram bromance.