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TMI Facts About Ellen DeGeneres's Sex Life

Updated October 25, 2019 61.9k views11 items

When Ellen DeGeneres first came out in 1997, the response was a media firestorm. DeGeneres rocked Hollywood's core as she became one of the most high-profile and visible gay entertainers in the world. And ever since her brave share, the public has held an unwavering interest in her sex life. Over the years, DeGeneres has had several girlfriends since coming out, as her dating life was no longer off limits. Although many believe DeGeneres's career struggled from the revelation of her sexual orientation, she has made a stark and profound comeback over the last 20 years. Now married to Portia de Rossi, DeGeneres is one of the fiercest gay rights advocates in entertainment history.

Still, DeGeneres's sex life remains the focus for some. And with plenty of NSFW antics on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian has made it relatively easy to take a look into her personal life. While Ellen can definitely make you laugh, she may also be able to win over your heart in the process. Although when you think of DeGeneres, your first thought may not be sex appeal, DeGeneres is no stranger to "sexy."

So why not learn a little more about what makes people both laugh and swoon for her with some TMI facts about Ellen DeGeneres's sex life.