15 Parents Reveal Their Worst Toddler Parenting Fails So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Are you parenting a toddler? Don't panic. You are not alone. These Redditors are sharing their toddler parenting fails to make you feel a little better, and to hopefully help you make fewer mistakes. Check out this list full of toddler horror stories and brush up on your toddler-managing skills. And don't forget to vote up the worst ones!

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    Their 3-Year-Old Peed On Something Instead Of Picking It Up Like She Was Asked

    From Redditor u/starlit_moon:

    I asked her to pick something up off the floor, so instead of doing that she walked over to it, pulled her undies down, and peed all over it in anger. She was 3. I was so enraged I was speechless for a few seconds.

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    Their Toddler Ate Old Gum On A Bus

    From Redditor u/decafcaramellatte:

    My kid ate someone’s old chewing gum she found on a bus.

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    Their 3-Year-Old Flooded The Living Room AND The Neighbors' Yards

    From Redditor u/KBedrin986:

    Thank god I wasn’t home for this one... I was at work and I get an emergency call to go home... Grandpa needed help. My 3-year-old cracked a carton of eggs on the carpet and while Grandpa was cleaning that mess, my toddler brought the hose in from the yard to help Grandpa clean. Toddler flooded the living room. Another time while I was at work, my toddler took a Magna doodle pen and a rock and punched holes through the wall and liner of my parents'... pool and flooded the neighbors' yards.

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    Their Toddler Ate Their Paycheck

    From Redditor u/mnh5:

    I had to ask work to reissue my first paycheck. While we were driving home, my then 1 1/2-year-old pulled it out of my purse and ate most of it.

    The woman in accounting was kind enough to tell everyone that it got lost in the mail.

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    A Messy Toddler Led To Police Involvement

    From Redditor u/victoriaesque:

    My youngest used to always get carsick, even on short drives (it's thankfully gone away). To preface this, we have an alarm system that you have to enter a four-digit code to turn off when you open the door; it beeps, and if you don't turn it off in time, it'll send a distress signal and the police will come. Also, there's a feature that if you enter 9999, it turns off the alarm but still sends a distress signal (for situations like someone has you at knifepoint and forces you to turn it off), so it still calls the police. I didn't know this.

    Kid throws up in [the] car while we're in the driveway and is crying and screaming. Park, get her out, pull the car seat out and flip it over on the ground to knock out the chunks. Carry her in, turn off the alarm, carry her up and we get into the shower since at this point we're both covered in puke. It was quick, and she's now clean and happy. Walk into the bedroom, both of us in only towels. I think I hear something, open my bedroom door, and a police officer is standing there. I'm still in only a towel.

    After getting dressed, I walked down to talk to them (three had shown up). Apparently, in my panic of getting into the house with a crying, vomit-covered child, combined with a dusty keypad, it registered it as the distress call. They showed up, saw the car seat flipped into the driveway, and got worried. All the doors were unlocked. I didn't think to lock them because of vomit, so they entered to make sure everyone was okay. I don't think they expected to find a lady in her towel, but it was probably better than they were expecting. Had to explain the situation and apologize profusely, but also thanked them because hey, they could have totally saved me, and that's one of the reasons we have the alarm system in the first place.

    But dear lord, was it embarrassing.

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    A 3-Year-Old Walked To The Store All By Herself

    From Redditor u/galaxiekat:

    About three or so years ago, when my daughter was about 2 or 3...

    We were too lazy to cook, so we ordered delivery Chinese food. My husband was out in the backyard doing some yard work and I was at the door paying for dinner. I start setting up for dinner and notice that my daughter is gone.

    Call out to husband, "Where's E?!"

    "I thought she was with you!"

    "I thought she was with you!!!"

    Panic ensues. We tear through our house looking for her. Ripping the house apart for potential hiding spots - it's only 1,000 square feet, so there aren't many. We go outside, start screaming and calling out. Nothing. Nowhere. The neighbors start to get concerned and start looking too. My husband is a train wreck. I get into my car and start circling the neighborhood and the main street. While coming back to our house, I see a man holding my daughter's hand walking in the same direction I'm going.

    "E! We've been looking for you!" I get out of my car, leaving it still running in the street, grab my daughter from this man, and give her the crazed mama-bear hug.

    The man was working at/owns the party supply store around the corner. We would buy balloons from that store during walks around the neighborhood (park, grocery, etc.). He said he noticed her in the store, but thought she was with another party. When they left and she was still there he got concerned. He asked her what was up and she said that she was there for a balloon. He asked her where she lived and she said, "Come on, I'll show you." So he locked up the store to walk her home. He told me that he was a father too and didn't want anything to happen to her.

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