funny Watch This Toddler Desperately Try To Finish His Ice Cream Before He Falls Asleep  

Mick Jacobs

For a toddler, naps and nom-noms are two of the highest, if not the highest priorities on their list. In the video below, one toddler finds himself caught between the two in the most hilarious way.

This little guy looks so excited to eat his ice cream, but unfortunately the sugar can't rush fast enough. Every few licks, the tyke's head starts to bop up and down as he struggles to eat and nap at the same time.

It's super cute, but it's also super relatable. When you think about it, he looks no different than any other student trying to stay awake in class or an employee at a staff meeting. Sleepiness, no matter your age, is always timeless.

Watch the video below to see exactly what we mean. Hopefully this toddler experiences some sweet dreams after his sweet treat.