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14 Ludicrously Well-Thought-Out Fan Theories About Shows For Children

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Children's shows are designed to teach digestible, fun, engaging, and interactive lessons, but this often does not result in compelling television for the parents. Perhaps that is why there are so many weird, albeit well-thought-out fan theories for countless cartoons. Most of these are probably the product of bored parents trying their best to stay awake during the thirteenth daily repetition of shows like Doc McStuffins, Thomas & Friends, or Little Einsteins.

That said, this isn't a collection of flimsy, half-baked conjectures; these are the best toddler show fan theories the Internet has to offer. Kid's shows with weird fan theories can sometimes feature ideas that are a bit odd, or off-the-wall, but these actually make a lot of sense. Try and poke holes into any of these fan theories about kids shows, and vote up the most interesting and plausible entries. 

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    This theory is fairly simple but makes a lot of sense: It's possible that most kids's shows tend to want to find a balanced cast of characters so they can relate to the largest demographic. That's how Winnie The Pooh characters can depict mental illnesses, and similarly, that's how each major character in SpongeBob SquarePants represents one of the "seven deadly sins." 

    The theory goes as follows: 

    1) Mr. Krabs is greed

    2) Plankton is envy

    3) Gary is gluttony 

    4) Squidward is wrath

    5) Sandy is pride

    6) Patrick is sloth

    7) SpongeBob is lust

    Every character aligns perfectly with a deadly sin as part of their defining traits. 

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    The Little Einsteins Are Attempting To Preserve Humanity

    This fan theory is actually part of a bigger, generalized hypothesis about the Disney/Pixar universes, which states that the Cars and Planes movies take place in a post-apocalyptic world where sentient machines have become the primary species on Earth.

    Two episodes of Little Einsteins feature a "Great Sky Race," similar to the one in Planes. This race stars two of the plane models from Planes, while also featuring an audience of other sentient vehicles. 

    In the context of this Disney/Pixar theory – and knowing that in the Little Einsteins's universe, the Little Einsteins are the only humans – it's possible that the kids have been tasked with preserving humanity. This explains why every episode features the children discussing some part of human history and why all the other characters are either mythical creatures or sentient machines. The children are also hyper-intelligent, which implies that they might have been genetically engineered.


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    One dark theory about The Backyardigans – a series about a group of animals that teach kids to have fun in their own backyards using their imaginations – is that their friend Uniqua is imaginary. However, once playtime ends, the Backyardigans are unable to rid themselves of their fictitious friend. 

    The theory that Uniqua is imaginary comes from the fact that all other Backyardigans are real animals, but according to Backyardigans's lore, Uniqua's species is simply "Uniqua." 

    Their daily escape into a world of imagination is starting to bleed into their real lives, and Uniqua is just the beginning of something that will plague them for years. 

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    Okay, hear this one out: The Muppet Babies is a show about a group of ostensibly adopted kids who go on different adventures in their imaginations. These adventures are only interrupted by their nanny, who is seen as a giant overlord. The nanny enforces the rules, but the audience never sees her face, so she is never a sympathetic character. She's merely a force of authority and abuse in the eyes of the children. 

    The kids use their imaginations as coping mechanisms as a result of being abused by their reckless, calculating nanny, as proved by the theme song's lyrics

    "When your room looks kinda weird and you wish that you weren't there" is the mindset of a child who can't quite articulate what is happening to them. They know that something is wrong, and that they don't feel good, so they can only describe their world as "kinda weird." 

    Later, Piggy sings, "just close your eyes and make believe and you can be anywhere." She is adjusting like only small children can to bad situations – methodically, and with a tragic acceptance of their plight. 

    They Muppet babies then sing "Muppet Babies, we make our dreams come true... we'll do the same for you," like kids introducing a newcomer to their playground and showing them the ropes. Only, instead of a playground, they're giving newcomers a way to avoid the pain of having no parents, not knowing where they come from, and being under the rule of an abusive nanny. 

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