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Tohad Brings Out The Darker Side Of Popular Characters

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Familiar faces from cartoons, video games, and comics return in a new and disturbing fashion in Sylvain "Tohad" Sarrailh's Bad*ss Cartoons, a collection of amazing illustrations. Tohad is a French professional digital artist based in Europe who works in both animation and illustration. He has worked with Ubisoft, Occulus Rift, and Sony Pictures Animation, and is currently a Senior Concept Artist at Rocksteady. His works can be viewed in his professional portfolio

Bad*ss Cartoons is a compilation of characters from pop culture that have been skillfully illustrated as parodies and as new interpretations. Check out Tohad's Redbubble page to purchase posters of the images and follow him on Twitter for updates. Read on to discover amazing artworks and vote up your favorite re-imaginings of ultra-recognizable characters. 

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    Angry Birds

    Photo: Tohad / DeviantArt

    The true nature of what those birds are doing in Angry Birds, illustrated skillfully by Tohad

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      Ronald McDonald & His Friends

      Photo: Tohad / DeviantArt

      Tohad shows an unhinged Ronald McDonald. 

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        Barbie & Her Boyfriend Ken

        Photo: Tohad / DeviantArt

        Barbie's darker nature is brought to light by Tohad

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          Photo: Tohad / DeviantArt

          The lovable mouse shows its true colors in Tohad's version. 

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