The Toughest Token Girls In Pack-Of-Boys Movies And TV Shows

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Token females in kid friend gangs have been a popular trope in movies and TV for ages. These loner girls join the nerdy boy group and stir up budding testosterone while challenging the boys' childhood friendships and allegiances. It usually doesn't matter if the female character is a stunning princess or a tomboy with short hair.

The chaos brought on by the feminine addition is either resolved or exacerbated when she becomes romantically involved with the young male hero. But in addition to pushing the boys toward manhood, the loner girls often possess a needed skill (like otherworldly power, extreme bravery, or expertise with a wand). Instead of just being the object of lust, these young women add incomparable value to the group of kid characters

Most of the plucky young girls do cool stuff to help solve the mystery, win the game, or save the universe. Here's a list of some famous token girls. How do you think each one measures up? 

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