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The 12 Craziest 'Tokyo Ghoul' Fan Theories

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Tokyo Ghoul is a wildly popular manga and anime that depicts a dark and intricate world full of blood, gore, and political intrigue. Sadly, the series doesn't have time to tie together all of its loose ends, leaving some hungry for answers. Luckily, that's where the viewers come in, as they have a plethora of Tokyo Ghoul fan theories. 

Some of these theories deal with the true origins of ghouls – are they the result of a government experiment or a parasitic infection? Others deal with Hide, Kaneki's seemingly kind best friend, who may be up to something awful behind the scenes. Like Naruto fan theories, these Tokyo Ghoul theories add layers to an already complex series and may resolve some lingering questions.

  • 1. Hide's Parents Are Ghoul Investigators

    Hide doesn't approach ghoul issues the way a normal human would. He doesn't have any trouble believing in their existence and doesn't seem to be terribly afraid of them – he even keeps calm when facing down one who fully intends on eating him. He possesses far more knowledge about ghouls than an ordinary citizen, and he seems to know enough about the CCG to sneak past them without getting caught. 

    Is Hide just exceptionally awesome, or does he have a reason for this expertise? According to The Spooky Redhead, it might be because his parents are ghoul investigators. This would not only explain his ghoul knowledge but also why his parents know the 20th ward is the safest place to live with their family, as ghoul activities are often hidden from the public. 

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  • 2. Hide Will Come Back

    For some fans, the whole Hide being dead thing seems a little suspicious. According to The Spooky Redhead, there are some good reasons to believe he might be coming back. 

    First of all, exactly what happens to Hide's body after his death is not revealed. Tokyo Ghoul:Re ends with Kaneki carrying his body, but where he put it afterward remains a mystery. Sure, he might have eaten him, but there's no direct evidence to suggest this. Hide could have survived.

    What's more, the fact that so much of Hide's biography is still nonexistent, even after his death, implies there are more secrets to be exposed. If he is really dead, there'd be no reason for details like his height, weight, blood type, and birthday – details supplied for more minor characters in the series – to remain in the dark.

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  • 3. Hide Doesn't Use Kaneki's Given Name For A Reason

    Hide is one of Kaneki's closest friends, but for some reason he always calls him by his surname, never his given name, Ken. However, he doesn't use any honorifics like -kun or -san, which indicates he isn't using his last name to be formal. So why doesn't he call him Ken?

    TokyoGhoulTheories believes Hide calls him Kaneki to protect him. He knows the only people who called Kaneki by his given name were his abusive mother and aunt, and Hide is trying to avoid triggering any negative emotions or memories.

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  • 4. Eto Doesn't Care About Aogiri Tree's Goals

    Eto Yoshimura may be the founder of Aogiri Tree, but one theory suggests she may not actually care all that much about the organization's goals. Rather than radicalizing her and encouraging her to pursue equality and civil rights for her species, the dangers of growing up in the 24th ward have made her cold and indifferent.

    Her willingness to kill and eat other ghouls if she considers them weak lends evidence to this theory. The reason she started Aogiri Tree isn't to agitate for ghoul rights – it's to watch humans and ghouls destroy each other in an epic blood bath. 

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