Tom Brady Is Coming Out Of Retirement And Twitter Is Going Off

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Tom Brady decided that after a mere six weeks of retirement, he's ready to get back on the football field, making the G.O.A.T. one of the latest NFL players to come out of retirement. It's safe to say that Twitter is losing their minds, so we rounded up the best tweets we could find about the Buccaneers quarterback. Love him or hate him, we hope you get a laugh out of these!

  • 1. Poor Dude


    26 votes
  • 2. A Decision Was Made


    23 votes
  • 3. Not About That Homework Life


    21 votes
  • 4. If That's The Case We Don't Blame Him


    17 votes
  • 5. Living Out A Fantasy


    17 votes
  • 6. It's Gotta Be


    11 votes