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Which Tom Hanks Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Tom Hanks might just be one of the most likable - and loved - people in Hollywood. It’s no surprise, either, given his reputation for philanthropy, his support of NASA’s space program, and his profound career (which includes more than 50 producer credits, over 90 acting credits, several awards, and a handful of writing credits). Also, he’s apparently just a genuinely nice human.

With those 90+ acting credits, Hanks has covered a lot of character territory and some classic archetypes. While Hanks himself is a Cancer (July 9, 1956), many of his roles are quite recognizable as the different signs of the zodiac. From the intense and temperamental Jimmy Dugan to the hopelessly romantic Allen Bauer, each sign has their own character across the constellation chart.

  • Jimmy Dugan is deeply passionate, driven, competitive, and a wee bit of a hothead. That should all look pretty familiar to Aries.

    Some think of Aries as the “jock” of the zodiac, and this proves no exception. Aries loves a challenge, and managing the Rockford Peaches proves to be quite the challenge indeed. More than a challenge, though, Aries loves to win - and Dugan is certainly in it to win it in A League of Their Own.

  • Taurus (April 20-May 20) - Carl Hanratty From 'Catch Me If You Can'

    It could be said that Carl Hanratty’s pursuit of Frank Abagnale Jr. is tenacious, even relentless. While he’s very attached to his daughter, he’s basically married to his job. Taurus is all too familiar with these attributes, not the least of which is the very stubborn fashion in which Hanratty never gives up in his persistent chase.

    Even after the chase is over, Hanratty never gives up on Abagnale - just in a different way.

  • The playful, ever-youthful Twins of the zodiac just make perfect sense as Josh Baskin from Big. Like curious children, Geminis are particularly impatient and crave new experiences. Josh just can’t wait to grow up, but, after he makes his wish, he changes his mind and wants to go back. Being of two minds is classic Gemini.

    Of course, Josh only returns to his former life once he's tasted his much-craved independence and enjoyed a lot of creative fun. It’s just not a Gemini adventure without some novel experiences - like playing a giant keyboard with your feet. RIP original FAO Schwarz

  • Cancer (June 21-July 22) - Fred Rogers From 'It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood'

    One figure that is as beloved as Hanks - perhaps even more so - is Fred Rogers. Seems appropriate, then, that Hanks would throw so much of his heart and soul into this performance. With this character, some of Hanks's own Cancer traits shine through and, at times, it’s hard to distinguish between Hanks and the real Rogers.

    Rogers himself was a Pisces, a sister Water sign, which lends itself to those watery Cancer traits. Rogers displays almost every trait in the Cancer handbook: He’s nurturing, compassionate, creative, and emotional. He wants to help others speak their emotional language in any way possible. He gives his time to whoever may ask for it and deeply loves his family.