WATCH Tom Hanks Is The Greatest Person Ever And You Can See For Yourself  

Mel Judson

Few men alive match up to the national treasure that is Tom Hanks in terms of natural charm and the video below proves it. Not that you needed evidence Tom Hanks is a nice guy, but he does make a welcome respite from the many unsavory characters in Hollywood today.

For an actor who stands as a legendary performer, Hanks still appears to carry himself like a gentleman, able to carry on a conversation with anyone and more than happy to do so.

In addition to the numerous philanthropical causes he involves himself in, Hanks also makes himself available to fans. Unlike many of his contemporaries, he appears to possess the gift of gab and is always eager to do a meet-and-greet.

Watch below for a great pickup and reminder as to why Tom Hanks is truly a GOAT. Wilson couldn't have asked for a better castaway.