The Best Tom Hanks Romcom Roles

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The best Tom Hanks romcom roles all have something in common: they're a true delight. While the actor’s filmography includes key dramatic performances that gained him the recognition he deserves, his romcom appearances showed us his sweet side. Whether he’s playing a damaged widower, an immigrant stranded at JFK, or the owner of a bookstore, Hanks knows how to warm up to the audience and make us release a collective "aww" whenever he’s on screen. He's played so many charming roles, there's even one for every sign of the zodiac!

Philadelphia, The Green Mile, and Forrest Gump may have made Hanks one of Hollywood’s top actors, but his appearances in romantic comedies earned him the praise of women everywhere. The best Tom Hanks romcom characters are quirky, cuddly, warm, flawed, and interesting. You can’t be blamed for wishing they were real and possibly on Tinder.

From his ’90s blockbusters to his more recent endeavors, we’ve gathered all of Tom Hanks's romantic comedy roles below. Vote up the roles you wish were real, the best Tom Hanks romcom characters ever.