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Tom Hanks Stories So Wholesome It Would Make Mr. Rogers Proud

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Tom Hanks is beloved by the Internet thanks to his good guy demeanor, as well as the dozens of endearing characters he has played over the course of his career. And over the year, his devoted fanbase has been growing due to the many, many wonderful and decent stories about fan interactions with the Oscar winner, cementing his status as one of the most wholesome A-listers in all of Hollywood. Vote up the most delightful story featuring Mr. Hanks. 

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    He Helps People On Their Big Day

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    Gives Time To Fans In Need

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    He Is Very Welcoming

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    I got one. Relatives visiting LA from back east. Took them on tour of celebrity homes. We’re pulled over on Mulholland so ppl could take a pic of the Hollywood sign when someone pulls up, rolls down window and says “Seen any movie stars today?” Tom Hanks.

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    He Is Thankful And Humble

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