14 Times Tom Holland Made Regular People Feel Like Their Relationship Was In Jeopardy

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People on Twitter have been sharing their growing concern for their partners' infatuation with Tom Holland. The users specifically talked about their experience with the Uncharted movie (Here are a few reactions to the movie) and how their significant others were a little too excited about seeing Tom Holland. Apparently, people are still upset about him and Zendaya. Don't forget to vote up the funniest posts.

  • 1. It's All About The Plot

    It's All About The Plot
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  • 2. Taking Zendaya Wasn't Enough

    Taking Zendaya Wasn't Enough
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    551 votes
  • 3. Honesty Is The Best Policy

    Honesty Is The Best Policy
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    571 votes
  • 4. Everyone Wins

    Everyone Wins
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  • 5. Mr. Holland

    Mr. Holland
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  • 6. A Girl Can Dream

    A Girl Can Dream
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