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How Tommy Oliver Became The Power Rangers’ Greatest Enemy In The Comics

For anyone who never quite lost their love of the Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is the story they've been waiting decades for. Debuting in 1993, there have been 20 different takes on the Power Rangers over the years, but most fans still can't shake the Tommy Oliver Power Rangers era. The Green Ranger saga was after-school appointment viewing for kids in the early '90s, and Jason David Frank remains one of the most recognizable figures in Power Rangers fandom.

This fan affinity for Tommy and his many appearances across multiple series made the 2017 revelation of Lord Drakkon's identity in the rebooted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic a massive bombshell. Fighting an evil version of a hero from a different universe is a classic comic book trope, but it wasn't as common in the Power Rangers universe. The Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic storyline celebrates decades of Power Rangers stories while also giving adult fans the type of mature, sophisticated storytelling no one would have expected from a property like the Rangers. Fans aren't the only ones taken by the comic, either. Jason David Frank himself said he'd love a chance to play Lord Drakkon if the story gets a live-action adaptation.

Shattered Grid proved there are plenty of great Rangers stories to tell and that awesome new comic villains can come from any title on the shelves. If you're still on the fence, though, just read on to find out how much destruction could have happened if Tommy never joined the Power Rangers.