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How Tommy Oliver Became The Power Rangers’ Greatest Enemy In The Comics

For anyone who never quite lost their love of the Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Shattered Grid is the story they've been waiting decades for. Debuting in 1993, there have been 20 different takes on the Power Rangers over the years, but most fans still can't shake the Tommy Oliver Power Rangers era. The Green Ranger saga was after-school appointment viewing for kids in the early '90s, and Jason David Frank remains one of the most recognizable figures in Power Rangers fandom.

This fan affinity for Tommy and his many appearances across multiple series made the 2017 revelation of Lord Drakkon's identity in the rebooted Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic a massive bombshell. Fighting an evil version of a hero from a different universe is a classic comic book trope, but it wasn't as common in the Power Rangers universe. The Power Rangers: Shattered Grid comic storyline celebrates decades of Power Rangers stories while also giving adult fans the type of mature, sophisticated storytelling no one would have expected from a property like the Rangers. Fans aren't the only ones taken by the comic, either. Jason David Frank himself said he'd love a chance to play Lord Drakkon if the story gets a live-action adaptation.

Shattered Grid proved there are plenty of great Rangers stories to tell and that awesome new comic villains can come from any title on the shelves. If you're still on the fence, though, just read on to find out how much destruction could have happened if Tommy never joined the Power Rangers.

  • There's An Alternate Universe Where Tommy Chose To Fight The Rangers

    Every Power Rangers fan knows that Tommy got the Green Ranger powers from Rita Repulsa and started as an enemy to Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, and Billy. The Rangers are able to break Rita's hold on Tommy, giving him the choice to either stick with the evil moon witch or become a part of the Rangers team. Tommy chooses the good guys, and the rest is Power Rangers history.

    In a different universe, Tommy picks the dark side and willingly goes back to Rita's side. Instead of adding the Green Ranger powers to the rest of the Rangers, Tommy marshals the forces of evil to make Rita's army too much to handle. Zordon and the Rangers have to go to extreme lengths to keep up the fight by unveiling the Thunderzords and bringing in allies from the Turbo era earlier than in the regular timeline.

  • Tommy Acquires The White Ranger Powers, Making Him Strong Enough To Betray Rita

    In a final push to defeat Rita and their Tommy, the alternate universe Power Rangers channel all of the good in the world to turn Jason into the White Ranger. In order to protect Jason while he gets the White Ranger powers, the rest of the Rangers make a final stand against Rita's monsters, leaving their command center exposed. This gives Tommy a chance to sneak in and take the White Ranger powers, ending Jason's life in the process.

    This proves to be a back-breaking moment for the Rangers, since not only does it leave them without their strongest and last defense, it also gives Tommy the combined powers of the Green and White Rangers. This forces the Rangers underground, giving Tommy a clear path to conquer the world. He takes on the title of Lord Drakkon and severs his ties to Rita by impaling her with the Green Ranger dagger.

  • Drakkon Takes The Power Rangers' Coins And Uses Them To Create A Ranger Army

    As the strongest entity in his universe, Drakkon doesn't stop at taking over. He dismantles Alpha 5 and uses his body to turn Rita's monster-making henchman Finster into his most loyal asset, Finster 5. With Finster 5's technical expertise, Drakkon finds out how to create a super-powered army by taking the Rangers' Power Coins and transferring their powers to his forces.

    The remaining Rangers try to put up a fight, but Drakkon is able to take the Black, Yellow, and Pink Ranger Coins. He would have taken their lives, too, but Billy sacrifices himself so the others can escape with the Blue Ranger Coin and lead the resistance. This amounts to little more than an annoyance to Drakkon, since he still creates legions of Ranger-powered soldiers to rule his World of the Coinless with an iron fist.

  • Drakkon Brainwashes His Universe's Kimberly To Make Her The 'Ranger Slayer'

    The remaining Rangers on the World of the Coinless mount as good of a defense as they can from the shadows, but it's a mostly doomed effort. Drakkon infected their universe's Zordon when he took the White Ranger powers, so there's no higher power to save the day. Kimberly reaches her breaking point when her former friend Matt perishes protecting a school from Drakkon's sentries. Kimberly sets out to become a one-woman army and take Drakkon out herself, even if it turns out to be a one-way mission.

    Kimberly infiltrates Drakkon's headquarters, but isn't strong enough to take Drakkon out. Rather than eliminate her like he did Jason, Drakkon takes a page out of Rita's playbook and brainwashes Kimberly to make her his personal assassin. He gives her the title of Ranger Slayer and the Bow of Darkness, a powerful tool that gives him complete control over her mind.